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A Taste of Spring

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Canada’s Nature is Wonderful.
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When Canadian forests shed their coat of snow, everyone rejoices. The clear maple water of SÈV is tapped and purified at this rare moment in nature's cycle. Adding a subtle vodka gives us this light and sparkly drink that is best served ice-cold. Spring thus lasts forever and can be celebrated all year round.

Sparkling maple water

with vodka

SÈV is Something Else

It is simply not your typical ready-to-drink product. It is a 100% natural alternative, with no artificial flavors, added sugar or chemical additives. A unique alcoholic sparkling beverage flavored not by fruit, but by trees.

Hard sparkling maple
water with vodka


Carbonated Spring Water, Maple Water Concentrate, Vodka, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

355 ML | 5% ALC./VOL.


Canadian Maple
Drink Ice-Cold
Natural Flavor

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In the majestic maple forests, an exceptional ready-to-drink beverage is born, combining the sweetness of maple sap and the elegance of vodka.

The carefully harvested sap creates a unique elixir, providing a sensory experience where the gentle delicacy of maple meets the finesse of vodka. Each sip captures the essence of nature and speaks of meticulous craftsmanship. Discover this gustatory treasure and let yourself be carried away to new horizons of flavors.

Although the maple water is drawn during the spring thaw, the subtle flavors of SÈV are best appreciated when the drink is served ice-cold.


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